Hello everyone! Driving the highway to our summer destination, we saw a beautiful field of sunflowers. The view was beautiful, and that’s where we decided to shot a new post. For this shooting I wore a T-shirt and shorts. With this simple combination I chose Zara sandals. It was so much fun that the shooting lasted until sunset. I’m happy to share with you this wonderful trip. See you soon guys and I hope you will like my new post ๐Ÿ™‚


Hello guys! I hope that you are all good!
I spent a wonderful weekend on a farm with beautiful horses that I love so much. As you can see my favorite animals are horses and I love to spend my time with this beautiful and smart animals in.
I bought two small wooden horses as souvenir to remember of this wonderful weekend. I am sure that I will return again. Now lets see all together how was it on a horse farm. Hope you will love it! : )


My dear friends, warmer days are coming.
Take out your favorite hat out of the closet or you get one if you do not have it because the choice is huge. I am pretty sure that you will chose the best one for yourself. This one that I chose was so sweet to me. With this sweet hat I combined white shirt and floral shorts. Be careful with floral patterns that would not be too much. With this, you can combine some favorite boots. Sandals are my favorite. Be imaginative. Love you all, Karol.


Hello my dear friends!
I am back again, it is a nice Sunny day and I’m ready for a new photo shooting. Today I wore a pink sweatshirt, leggings and Uggs. The combination is simple and I hope that you will like. Love you all!


Hello my dear friends! Today in this new post I am representing you my Jeans and plaid shirt which is very popular. With that combination I chose brown ankle boots that I adore! Take a look how was the photo shoot made by mom! Love you mom and thank you for all.


Greetings to all who follow my fashion blog.
Like always I am choosing the clothes that feel me comfortable. Now I am representing you the black and white combination with scarf. So let’s start from it. I really like horses so this pattern seemed the perfect with my white shirt and coat with a pattern. The lower part consists of a combination of black boots and black leggings. My hair is disheveled because I like natural hair style and my favorite Aldo glasses that I stole from Ana. I hope that you like my fashion style and how I am wearing it and remember always combine clothes that make you feel comfortable. Love you all, Karol


Greetings to all my friends who are following me and rejoice with me on every new published post. I would describe my last combination as casual but elegant at the same time. Dark blue trousers combined with light blue denim shirt and a beige hat. Brown shoes excellent build upon with this style. A selection of handbags makes this combination more humorous. That is all from me for now! Cheers, Karol!


Greetings to everyone. I spent a beautiful sunny day in Opatija in a comfortable clothes. In winter I love to wear warm uggs like these in combination with a variety of leggings or jeans. This time, with gray tights in black stars. A top part of this outfit is a denim shirt that has to have every single girl, because it is excellent in combination. And of course I still have to boast of his beige coat that is very warm and soft. If you are able to steal your mother’s, aunt’s or grandmother’s scarf and fit it into your style and in your outfit then what are you waiting for, just do it. I do it often. I love you all! Karol


Greeting! Elegant but still playful and relaxed. Enjoy what you are doing is a real blessing. Now a little about my outfit: a light blue shirt with stripes in combination with a white skirt on pleats and cute little jackets look lovely and elegant isnโ€™t it? With this white silver sandals you’re ready for a festive event or just a simple walk.


Greetings from Munich! We decided to make one photo shooting. It was very sunny and hot. In the city center we bought lovely roses and we have decided to continue the photo session. I wore a black and white skirt, white shirt and jacket. Roses were one small addition, as well as jacket with long fringes. All in all we had a nice walk through the city center, and great photo session for our new post. Greetings from Munich! ๐Ÿ™‚